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Welcome to Porcelain Icons. This is the graphic’s journal for frosted_sun. Icons, banners, headers and any other graphics made by me will be posted here.

-Comment on the post where the icon or graphic you are taking is located to tell me you have taken it. This helps me know what people like so I can make more.
-Credit. For icons credit goes in the icon’s keywords or comment sections, and for anything else it goes in the user info. If you need help figuring out how to credit just ask. I’d be happy to help you out.
-Don’t hotlink. If I catch you hotlinking I will take the image down off my host.
-Don’t redistribute my icons. If I want my icons posted somewhere I will do it myself.
-Most importantly, enjoy the icon good-ness.

I am currently accepting icon requests, this is subject to change. Leave your request in a comment on my most recent post.

Credits for brushes and other such things...